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One-color double skirt dress [K169]

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Fluffy double skirt

A voluminous silhouette

Cute and impressive 👯‍♀️🖤

The ribbon camisole is also cute🎀

Both babies and kids are cute

This is a design dress that you can wear.

🗒⌇If you choose a larger size, the shoulder straps will be longer and your chest may be visible. We recommend a snug size or a smaller size than usual.

size Length Chest measurement x 2 Estimated height
80 43cm 23cm 75-83
90 47cm 24.8cm 83-90
100 51cm 26.6cm 90-100
110 55cm 28.4cm 100-110
120 59cm 30.2cm 110-120
130 63cm 32cm 120-130
140 67cm 33.8cm 130-140
150 - - -

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One-color double skirt dress [K169]
One-color double skirt dress [K169] Sale price¥3,350